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Any resources on this page are freely available to edit, print, and use however you see fit to make your 12 Neighbors Group a success.


Film Downloads

Week 1


Download Discussion Guide

Episode 1

Understanding Poverty

Download Week 3 Discussion Guide

Episode 3B

Jobs For Life

Week 3

Do Development

Episode 3A

Code Tenderloin

Download Week 5 Discussion Guide

Episode 5B

Bridge Meadows

Week 5

Create Context For Community

Episode 5A

Future of Africa

Week 7

Week of Action

(no films)

Download Week 7 Discussion Guide

Week 8


Download Week 8 Discussion Guide

Episode 7

The Mutual Pursuit of the Full Life

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Download Week 2 Discussion Guide

Episode 2B

Abandon Project

Week 2

Spend Yourself

Episode 2A

First Fredericton Friends

Download Week 4 Discussion Guide

Episode 4B


Week 4

Start With Strengths

Episode 4A

Homeboy Industries

Download Week 6 Discussion Guide

Episode 6B


Week 6

Understanding Systems of Injustice

Episode 6A

The Alex Community Food Centre


Full Discussion Guides + Reading List

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What is 12 Neighbors?

The 12 Neighbors Project asks the most important question of our time; what does it really mean to love our neighbors? In doing so, our goal is to educate and inspire people to love their neighbors like never before. 

We have created this 7-part film series so that people may gather together as a group and watch the films, discuss appropriate action in their own communities, and then act together as a group. 

Our goal is to create a movement of people who are inspired and equipped to love their neighbors like never before. 

Why Join a 12 Neighbors Group

Participants will be challenged to think about poverty and marginalization in news ways, and to wrestle with what it really means to love their neighbor. This is done through powerful stories (films) of people who have lived experience, and through encouraging groups of people to discuss and take action together.