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About 12 Neighbors

The 12 Neighbors Project asks the most important question of our time, "what does it really mean to love your neighbor?"


Our goal is to create a movement of people who are inspired and educated to love their neighbors like never before. 

We have created this 7-part film series so that people may gather together as a group, watch the films, discuss appropriate action in their own communities, and then take action together as a group. 

These films will challenge your perspective on poverty, marginalization, and effecting real change.

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Our Values

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Love is an action word. We are not after a concept, theology, philosophy, or a body of knowledge, but a way of living, One that is not a side task, but is central to your life. While strategy, analysis, research, faith, and dialogue are all important, they are incomplete if they are not being put into action.

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Poverty is not just a lack of material things. It is multi-dimensional and can take the form of material, emotional, social, spiritual poverty, and poverty of identity, and poverty of purpose. 

To truly help, we must take a relational approach, not just a material approach.

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We all love great stories and we all want to live a great story ourselves.  12 Neighbors seeks to find, create, and celebrate great stories that both educate and inspire people to action and challenge the narratives of poverty that we usually see. 

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We value doing this together, in a purpose-driven community of friends, hospitality, fun, celebration, and meaningful action, both locally and globally, connecting with our neighbors around the world.


The Team


The 12 Neighbors project was founded by Marcel Lebrun, who is also the Executive Producer. Marcel is a tech executive and social entrepreneur, formerly CEO of Radian6 and SVP at He is currently a Venture Partner with Real Ventures, serves on the board of the Navigators of Canada, and is a World Vision Corporation Member. Through the LeBrun Family Foundation, he and his wife partner with charities & projects that benefit people impacted by poverty and marginalization, as well initiatives that benefit children in his community. The foundation owns a children's summer camp as well as a developmental program for at-risk youth. 

The 12 Neighbors project was a passion project of Marcel's. Through getting involved in trying various ways of helping out in his community, he began to learn about the complexities involved, and it challenged his perspective on poverty, and "what it really means to help". He wanted to learn from others, through finding some of the best examples of people who are creating lasting change in their communities.  
This is how 12 Neighbors came about. His vision for the 12 Neighbors Project is to inspire and educate people to love their neighbors like never before.

Contact Marcel by emailing

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Film Production

Marcel and 12 Neighbors partnered with Hemmings House Pictures to produce the films and help bring his vision to life. Hemming's House focuses on social impact film making, using film as the medium to inspire people and make positive change in the world. 


12 Neighbors partnered with Pathfinders to help with administration and project oversight. 


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12 Neighbors branding and illustration was done by Virginia Deil.

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Design & Illustration

12 Neighbors original music was created by Blaire Nicolle.

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Original Music

Support Featured Organizations

If you'd like to support any of the organizations featured in our film series, you can do that by clicking on their logo below and navigating to their donation page. Thank you for your support!

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